Tuesday’s Tip – Explore Sort Your Story

Family historians of all experience levels will find Sort Your Story as an essential filing system for photos and documents.  Why? Because the records and photos can be organized and stored by ancestor.

How does this work? Easily! Sort Your Story allows users to create a profile for each member of their family for which they have photos and documents. Then it is a matter of dragging and dropping those files into that person’s folder, entering information into their profile and citing the document and photo sources.

Sort Your Story uses puzzle piece icon folders which allow users to easily recognize the document categories missing in an ancestor’s profile. This enables researchers to look for specific documents.

Ancestor profiles can be exported and uploaded to your favorite online publisher or photo provider to create memory books.

Founder Lorel Kapke has this to say about Sort Your Story.

“I created an organizational genealogical product, Sort Your Story from my own passion for telling family histories, and to give others with a passion for genealogy an easy way to tell their own stories. Organizing family photos, research records documents, interviewing family members and visiting family homes, schools, cemeteries, and other important places is of vital importance to leave our descendants as they will value our stories as we value our ancestors stories.”

Want to know more? View free video tutorials at Sort Your Story to get started organizing and de-cluttering your valuable information today.

© 2011 Lorel Kapke, 19201 Sonoma Hwy. #341, Sonoma, CA 95476-5413

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