Wisdom Wednesday – Sort Your Story Folders

Did you know all the puzzle piece icons that come with Sort Your Story are not just pretty icons? They are not just there for show but serve a very important purpose.

They are file folders.

These file folders are where you store your full-size documents for each person you profile in Sort Your Story. What kind of folders are available? Let’s take a look at just a few.


This is the file folder for Birth records. In Sort Your Story you can give the folder a name to identify the person to whom it belongs. For example, you could call the folder Birth – Kapke, Lorel. Inside this folder you can store a birth certificate, birth announcement, newspaper announcement and any other records relating to your birth.



Do you have military files for your ancestor? Store them in the military folder! Again, you can name this folder whatever you want. Then transfer pension files, discharge papers, World War I or II Draft Registration cards, photos of the ship on which your ancestor sailed during his time in the Navy.  Store a photo of your ancestor in uniform. The possibilities are endless.



This folder is for immigration. Name the folder and store ship manifests, photos of the immigrant prior to and after their arrival in the U.S., and passport documents to name just a few things you could have in this folder.


Keep in mind that when you store your documents and photos in each folder, those files should be named so you know exactly what they are. This makes the documents and photos easy to locate. And finally, do not forget to backup your files on to an external drive!



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