Tuesday’s Tip – Geneabloggers Advent Calendar

The holiday season has arrived and with it comes a greater opportunity to meet and talk with family. So this holiday season, why not use a few new topic ideas to get the conversation rolling?

Geneabloggers has a December theme available to bloggers, writers, family historians, and basically anyone who wants to use it to add to their family history. It is called the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.

How does this calendar of topics relate to Sort Your Story? It allows you to record bits and pieces of your stories within your ancestors’ folders. Maybe your grandmother can tell you about Christmas in the 1930s. You can add that story to the 1930 Census folder in Sort Your Story or the Photographs folder.

Sort Your Story also has a Documents folder in which you can add anything. Consider journaling daily using the Advent Calendar themes and save that file in your Documents folder within the ancestor(s) you are writing about.

Enrich your family history today by recording these stories before they are lost in time.


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