Happy Holidays From Sort Your Story!

The holidays have arrived! This means family gathers together to talk and share. Are you recording the information you hear at these holiday gatherings? Here are some tips to help you record those family memories and pieces of information you hear.

  1. Take a notebook with you to family gatherings.

    A Family Christmas, used with permission from Jennifer Holik-Urban.

  2. Write down the stories and information you hear.
  3. Note who told you the story or fact. Date the entry in your notebook.
  4. Take photographs of family members both individual and as a group.
  5. Make a list of questions about what you have heard, either at the gathering or later.
  6. Follow-up with those questions to try to get answers.
  7. Record the information in Sort Your Story under the appropriate folder. If your grandmother was discussing life during World War II and rationing, you can record that in a Census Folder titled 1940s.
  8. Don’t forget to add the photos you took to the appropriate Sort Your Story folder!

Holiday gatherings are a wonderful time to share memories and learn new things. Be sure to take advantage of it while you have the opportunity!


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