Tuesday’s Tip – Send in your Reviews

Sort Your Story received two user reviews recently.

Thank you, Lorel.  I got to where it would have taken until 4 p.m. to get me on board so I thought it better to wait for the Windows workshop.  It was very helpful when you explained that sys is an adjunct instead of a competitor of Family Tree Maker.  That is something I have been trying to figure out.  As I said yesterday, you were amazingly patient with all of us.  I didn’t realize it is not just MAC and Windows computers that are different, but apparently different brands too.  Enough to drive anyone crazy!  You will do well at the Roots Tech Conference!  Susan


 Thanks so much Lorel, for the very informative workshop at the Son’s of Norway hall last Saturday.  When you schedule the other classes could we have them at a time other than the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month so they do not conflict with the NCMUG SIG meetings, please?

It would be nice if the SIGs were run the way your class was, with people using laptops, and tablets, and actually accomplishing something right at the meeting.

Hope Salt Lake city is rewarding. Kathleen

Have you used Sort Your Story? What are your thoughts on the product?


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One response to “Tuesday’s Tip – Send in your Reviews”

  1. Shirley C. Flick says :

    My comment is a bit delayed in coming to you. I’m still trying to catch up after being out of circulation for over a year and limited for 3 years before that but I’m slowly getting back in the groove.

    I very much appreciate the time you spent at my house and also at the workshop and hope I can get into this enough to go with what I have for now because of your patience.

    As I said before you have a wonderful idea and I can’t help thinking that you will end up being extremely suggesvul with it. I just have to get to the point where I can just concentrate on your idea and really run with it.

    Thank you, you are a dear.


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