Follow Friday – Family History Writing Challenge

FHWC2013JoinMe As part of our quest to encourage you to write your family history, Sort Your Story author Jennifer Holik has joined the Family History Writing Challenge created by Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist. I accepted a 500 per day word count to write. Visit Lynn’s website to sign up for her writing challenge newsletter and review all the writing options and get started today. The challenge runs from today through February 28!

What else happens when you sign up? You will receive daily inspiration, tips, writing prompts, and articles from others who have been writing a while. Take what you need from her newsletters and apply it to your writing.

Where can you write? In Sort Your Story under each ancestor’s profile, your journal, your computer on Word or other programs, in scrapbooks, anywhere! Keep track of your word count and post it on your blog or in Lynn’s forums to help you stay accountable.

Will you join Jennifer in this challenge this month? Please share in the comments.


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3 responses to “Follow Friday – Family History Writing Challenge”

  1. Diane says :

    I have wanted to do this for years… I just hope I can think of 500 words to write every day.. Thanks for making this challenge available and for a way to be accountable… 🙂

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