Are You Sharing Your Information?

periodicalsSort Your Story creator, Lorel Kapke recently posed a question. “What genealogical information do I have stored in my Sort Your Story folders that others may find important? Have I shared my research, family stories, photos with family, friends, on-line resources?” 

This is a question many of us should ask. What information do we have? Have we shared it? Where have we shared it? Have we shared the information online through resources like or WikiTree? Have we written our family’s stories or even one ancestor’s story? Have you blogged about your ancestors and shared information that way?

Each of us should make an effort every week, month, or few months, to share what we know. Try to find a relative who is interested in the family history. Can’t find one? Write the stories anyway. You never know when someone will become interested or you will locate a new relative.

Are you sharing family photos, book lists, and other “research goodies?” If so, let us know what you are doing.

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3 responses to “Are You Sharing Your Information?”

  1. Kathy Dabbs says :

    Hi, We hope all is going well with you on your trip. I received the lotions. They look wonderful. I will try mine today. I’ll give Jennifer hers tomorrow. Love, Kathy

    • Sort Your Story Author says :

      Hi Kathy:

      I just returned from the RootsTech Conference in SLC and connected with researchers and app developers. Glad I changed my visit to Atlanta, I caught Laryngitis and a slight cold. It was in the 20’s and snowing! My flight home was not too bad as I applied cups and warm steam to my ears; the two hour flight was doable! Taking care of myself and will stay out of drafts. The hotel was great but very drafty and the conference area was also drafty! Getting old I guess! Glad you received the lotions, let me know if you prefer a different consistency. I’m going to send Sam something in the mail by next week, I’ll contact you when it’s in the mail. Love, me!

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