Genealogy Data Is “Old Info?”

Written by Lorel Kapke, Sort Your Story Founder

Lorel recently posted about her family history on FaceBook and a conversation ensued about the value of “old information.”

What is “old information?” That information we discovered when we first started researching. How valuable is it? Do we know where we got it?

Lorel said, “After spending research hours on, I realized how easy it would just to grab my family compilation from way back (1996) and input the data… with the understanding that some of this info may be “old info” and useless. Not so, I’ve been adding puzzle pieces daily and the family picture is unfolding!”

“While continuing to update my tree on with the help of my 1996 compilation,  I did find “incorrect data” but it was at least a “start” and as I continue inputting those “elusive” maternal surnames, the family connections are growing by leaps and bounds.”

Another note on “questionable” or “old information” research data. The family group sheet I received in 1996, was the listing of the birth of a girl born in the years between my grandfather and his brother. Since my my father new nothing of this child, I was skeptical. While in Salt Lake City, I grabbed a few hours to research birth and baptism records that can be difficult to find before 1900. I managed to not only find the baptism papers I’ve been looking for but the birth of a daughter that I “thought” was an error. Not only did I find the information I was looking for, I also understood my paternal family and a few of my collateral families lived within this town. I paged through this entire film and found many birth and baptism names and dates.

Never assume all information is accurate or inaccurate… check it out!

What are you doing with your “old information?” Are you adding it to your family tree and Sort Your Story Profiler? Are you making any new connections? Tell us about it.

© 2013, Sort Your Story, Sonoma, California


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2 responses to “Genealogy Data Is “Old Info?””

  1. Eowyn Langholf says :

    Hi! I found your blog through a link Thomas MacEntee posted and I’m curious what the Sort Your Story Profiler is. Thanks!

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