Comment From a Sort Your Story User

As one long desiring to use the Sort Your Story system and finally taking the learning process to heart, I found the price of the application and Mac [or PC] Companion Guide very helpful and reasonable in cost.

My steepest learning curve was not an issue with the Sort Your Story App, but one of a basic understanding of the difference between folders and files. Once I grasped that folders were empty storage places until a file was placed in that folder, I was able to then understand the basic concept upon which Sort Your Story is built. I could duplicate any Sort Your Story folder, name it for a Person, [place or thing], use the Profiler to input the identity of that person and store the “Profiler” file in that person’s folder; then also include many provided re-nameable subfolders in which to store supporting documents, photos, et-al.

I learned that I can create documents in a Word Processor and save that document into any Sort Your Story folder. Sort Your Story is a valuable application that enables a central place to keep any desired records.

Although I am using Sort Your Story for Genealogy, I can foresee usefulness in other areas with the ability to rename every folder for a specific purpose.  Bert in California.

© 2013, Lorel Kapke, Sort Your Story


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