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Timelines and Sort Your Story Presentation

TimelineTimelines are an excellent way to showcase the life’s story of your ancestors. Creating a timeline also allows you to see where the gaps are in your research or where the research doesn’t quite line up correctly. Sometimes we accidentally input a date incorrectly and we don’t see it until we create a timeline or start writing a story.

Unsure how to create timelines that are meaningful? Lorel Kapke, creator of Sort Your Story will be presenting a workshop called Timelines and Sort Your Story: Understanding and Presenting our Family History with new perspective! on Thursday, January 16, Lorel will show you how to view family and historical events that reveals connections and clarifies relationships.

Hope to see you there!

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Women of World War II

Sort Your Story blogger, Jennifer Holik, has been writing a series of books called Stories of the Lost. There will be five books total with the first two books and resource guides coming out December 2, 2013. One of these books will focus on the story of a women who joined the Women’s Army Corp during World War II.

Are you researching and telling the stories of your female ancestors? Jennifer and Sort Your Story Creator Lorel Kapke, have been focusing on the women in their families this year. Here are a few tips to get you started in researching your World War II female ancestor.

  1. Did your ancestor fight on the home front as a wife, homemaker, Rosie the Riverter or other role? Every role a female played during the war was important whether she served in the Armed Forces or was at home. Write the stories you know about your ancestors who fought from home.
  2. Did your ancestor serve in a branch of the Armed Forces? Was she a WAAC/WAC (Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp/Women’s Army Corp)? Serve as in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service)? Did she help in the Red Cross? What about as a nurse? Other groups? Write the stories you know about these ancestors.
  3. For those that served in a branch of the armed forces, look at those histories. Many books have been written about these women’s groups by the military and by those who served. By reading these histories you will discover more about your female ancestor. You might even stumble upon a photo of her!

Looking for resources for Women in World War II?

On FaceBook: Women During World War II Group

United States Women’s Army Museum

Women of the U.S. Army

Women in the U.S. Coast Guard

Army Nurse Corps (WWII)

These are only a few of the many sites that provide information and history on the women who served during World War II. What others do you know about? What stories do you have?


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