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Follow Friday – Genealogy Education

Many of us start our genealogical journeys through self-education. Then we reach a point where something else is needed. We need to attend a local genealogy society’s general meeting or workshop. Perhaps we investigate research library workshop offerings. We may go even bigger into the state and national offerings like state conferences, National Archives workshops, or national genealogy society conferences.

Angela Packer McGhie writes a blog called Adventures in Genealogy Education. Angela presents information about workshops, conferences, study groups, webinars, and new books related to genealogy education. Check out her blog and what is available if you are interested in taking that next step.

Harold Henderson writes a blog called Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog. He recently wrote an article about Genealogy on the Cheap that is worth a read.

Considering going for genealogical certification? The Board for Certification of Genealogists just launched a blog to help those going through the process and those considering that option.

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Military Monday – Save your Stories

Mom, dad, uncle Ralph, Grandpa Joe, cousin Phil, aunt Marie – what are your military stories?

Most everyone has a military member or two or more in their families. Have you stopped to ask them about their stories? Have you stopped to investigate the stories of those who died in service? If not, now’s the time to start saving those stories.

Lorel Kapke, the founder of Sort Your Story has done just that. She created two videos about her father’s World War II service. You can view them here: Video 1 and Video 2.

How wonderful that she has been able to capture the stories and photos of her father before they are lost.

Can I do that? you may ask? YES! Most computers, cell phones, IPads, and other devices have the ability to record video and audio. So take these devices with you when you visit family this holiday season. Record those stories while you have opportunity. Add those videos and audio files to Sort Your Story and share them with family members so everyone can enjoy the history.

Happy Holidays!

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