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Follow Friday – December 14, 2012

The end of the year is upon us! Are you thinking about saving your family history as you meet with family this holiday season? Do you have children you would like to engage in family history or that are already interested?

Check out Stephanie Pitcher Fishman’s new free eBook Learning Through Family History available for a limited time so grab yours today! This eBook is filled with ways to engage children. If you enjoy the book, sign up for her newsletter on Corn and Cotton and The In-Depth Genealogist because I know she has some other things in the works for 2013.

Read through her book and think of ways you can incorporate more family stories and photographs into Sort Your Story this holiday season. And encourage your kids and grandkids to get started today!

Happy Holidays!!


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Books Make Great Holiday Gifts

The Sort Your Story Companion Guides are now available for the MAC and PC! These books contain lessons on using Sort Your Story and learning about genealogical records using the Branching Out series of books.

With the aide of the Sort Your Story Companion Guide, for Windows or MAC, you’ll quickly be up and running, organizing all of your documents, putting the puzzle pieces of your family history together.

The Sort Your Story software is comprised of two main parts: the colorful Sort Your Story Category Folders, providing you with 36 folders for sorting and storing all of your records and documents; the Profiler, a database and mini–word processor in which you input all of your data which works seamlessly with the folders.

This companion guide will walk you step-by-step through the set-up and use of Sort Your Story, and will show you examples of how to use each of the categories.

By using Sort Your Story with the Sort Your Story Companion Guide, along with the genealogy textbook Branching Out: Genealogy Lessons for Adults, you will have a firm foundation of the basics of genealogical research and records.

Visit Amazon to purchase the Windows version and MAC version today. Then visit the Sort Your Story website to purchase and download the Sort Your Story software, if you haven’t already, and get started organizing your family memories.


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