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Timelines and Sort Your Story Presentation

TimelineTimelines are an excellent way to showcase the life’s story of your ancestors. Creating a timeline also allows you to see where the gaps are in your research or where the research doesn’t quite line up correctly. Sometimes we accidentally input a date incorrectly and we don’t see it until we create a timeline or start writing a story.

Unsure how to create timelines that are meaningful? Lorel Kapke, creator of Sort Your Story will be presenting a workshop called Timelines and Sort Your Story: Understanding and Presenting our Family History with new perspective! on Thursday, January 16, Lorel will show you how to view family and historical events that reveals connections and clarifies relationships.

Hope to see you there!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Sort Your Story.

We hope you are enjoying the day and take some time to record the stories of your family.

How can you do this?

  • Use your smartphone, IPAD, or laptop to record family stories and conversations
  • Ask for copies of recipes prepared for the Thanksgiving meal
  • Encourage family members to take photos and bring out old photos
  • Use Sort Your Story to update and add new information
  • Use the old standby – pencil and paper – to record family stories and details
  • Record Thanksgiving family traditions

What was the best part of your holiday? We encourage you to share some of your stories and recipes with us and our readers.

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