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Are You New To Genealogy?

Written by Lorel Kapke, Sort Your Story Founder

Are you new to genealogy? Researching ones past is exciting, fun and educational. Worried what information you’ll find about your elusive relatives? Have you heard any ‘scandalous’ family stories? Finding documents to confirm, disprove, or say it is possible, family stories can be beneficial in the long run. Questions answered usually help move us forward.

One way to begin …you may consider not only joining and attending your local genealogical society for suggestions and support, you may want to attend or create a Chat Group SIG (special interest group) within your society. I recently attended the “new” Sonoma County Genealogical Society Chat Group and was elated to find so many attendees wiling to share their stories. The “Theme” of the day was: “Your famous or infamous ancestor” Show and tell optional. You are welcome to come and just listen. I bet we will have some great stories!”

Has your society done a chat group? How was it?

Not only were these stories fascinating and helpful, they squashed our fear that only “we come from a dysfunctional environment.” Not so, we all have skeletons in our closet. I felt appreciative of those attendees who so willingly shared the “not so nice” family stores.

And the dialog continued….


Sonoma County Genealogical Society Event

Lorel will be at the Sonoma County Genealogical Society 21st Annual Spring Seminar on Saturday, April 27. Barbara Renick will be presenting. This event will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and registration information is on the Sonoma County Genealogical Society website.

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