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Sort Your Story Software

It has been a while since we’ve talked about Sort Your Story software and what it does to help you write your family’s story. Here is a recap. Be sure to visit the website to see a short video about the software and learn about our Companion Guides for Mac and PC.

Genealogy enthusiasts know that organizing and de-cluttering the vast amounts of documents, photos, certificates and records required to create a picture of a family’s history can be intimidating and time-consuming.

That’s why genealogy expert Lorel Kapke created Sort Your Story, the only organizing tool you’ll need to store all of your important genealogy data in one place. So simple to use, Sort Your Story takes the puzzle pieces of your family history and helps you create a complete picture – and instantly identify what pieces are missing.

Amateur and professional genealogists have discovered that Sort Your Story is an effortless way to:

  • Organize and de-clutter your family’s important documents and photos
  • Store valuable and irreplaceable data in one place in case of emergency or loss
  • Easily run reports to spot trends, similarities, missing data and more in order to build a complete picture of your family’s history
  • Compile data for submission to ancestry sites or self publishers
  • Simply and cost-effectively manage the vast amounts of data required to create a family history

Get started today! For just $19.99, you can instantly download Sort Your Story and begin organizing, de-cluttering and storing your family’s important information right on your computer. Sort Your Story’s online videos and tutorials are available to guide you every step of the way.

© 2013, Sort Your Story, Sonoma, California


Tuesday’s Tip – Tree Overview

Want to help people get a better idea of from where you obtained some of your family tree information? Consider putting it in the Tree Info section of your family tree! This is where you give the tree a name and write a short description. Consider including the main surnames and a brief bibliography of major sources such as published and unpublished family histories! Someone may stumble upon this description and contact you because they see you have a published version of a family history they didn’t know existed!

© 2013, Lorel Kapke, Sort Your Story