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Sunday’s Obituary – Frank Winkler

Obituary of Frank Winkler, 1948 Obituaries are a rich source of information on our family members. They often tell us who the surviving members of the family are, where an individual is buried, military service, volunteer or career information, and other personal details.

How many obituaries have you placed in Sort Your Story lately? Do you just add the image or do you also transcribe the obituary? Transcribing obituaries engages other parts of your mind and as you write out or type out the information, you may suddenly realize a piece of the puzzle you were missing is right there in front of you!

Here is your call to action today! Dig into your research files and pull out the obituaries. Start adding them to Sort Your Story and see what amazing finds you have today! Please comment below if you you find something amazing.

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Surname Saturday – October 12, 2013

Surname Saturday? What is THAT?!

Surname Saturday is one of the blogging themes many use to encourage people to talk about and share information on their surnames. Plus, Geneabloggers rolls up these posts on Saturday on their website making them easier to find.

What should you write about on Surname Saturday on your blog? There are many options like discussing one particular surname or discussing the research on one side of the family in regards to the surname.

What might this look like? Using an example from my own research, I’d talk about the surnames in my upcoming book, Stories of the Lost, which are KOKOSKA, PRIVOZNIK, WINKLER, and BROUK. All of these families originated in Bohemia and ended up in Chicago. My blog post might also include bits of information on the heads of household or the men I discuss in my book.

What does this have to do with Sort Your Story? Each profile you have in your system is setup by surname! This makes it very easy for you to pull information on individual people or a family with one surname.

Are you ready to give it a try? Post your Surname Saturday blog post URL in the comments below so everyone can read it OR comment about your surnames here. Be sure to leave your contact information in case someone wants to connect!

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