What is Sort Your Story?

Sort Your Story is a complete organizational tool that stores genealogy records simply and conveniently on your computer. Use Sort Your Story to compile genealogy birth records, death records, marriage certificates, photos and more all in one place to instantly see what information is missing and create reports based on the existing information. Sort Your Story is a practical solution for keeping track of irreplaceable records in a format that is easy to understand and a snap to use.

What is the Sort Your Story Profiler?

The Sort Your Story Profiler easily assembles and records the details describing the life story of each family member. Input your text data and digital images of documents and photos into our simple to use Sort Your Story Profiler Data Window and colorful category specific organizational folders. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Why is the Profiler important?

With a quick overview of your research on each family member, the Sort Your Story Profiler offers you the ability to quickly see what data is complete and which pieces of the puzzle are still missing. No more looking through piles of disorganized papers. The Sort Your Story Profiler puts it all together in one neat file on your computer for each family member.

Why Use Sort Your Story?

Sort Your Story will help you simplify the process of sorting through the vast amounts of paper, documents, photos and information that come along with genealogy research.

Can Sort Your Story Help Me Share My Family History?

If you’re a grandparent trying to encourage your grandchildren’s interest in their family history you’ll find Sort Your Story opens up a colorful world you can share. The child will find Sort Your Story colorful and engaging.

If you’re a parent looking for something to do together as a family there’s nothing more enriching than sharing your family history. Enter your stories and photos into our easy to use Notes section for your children. They’ll get to know you and their family better.

Can I Create a Family Tree Using Sort Your Story?

Sort Your Story is a valuable tool for collecting and organizing the data required for you to begin constructing your own family tree.  By entering your data and research into the Sort Your Story Profiler, you’ve also taken an important first step in organizing your information in a way that makes it easy to submit to self publishers to create memory books and more.

What Other Benefits Are There to Using Sort Your Story?

What happens to your precious genealogy research in the case of an unpredictable event? More often than not, the documents and photos involved in genealogy research are irreplaceable. By scanning and entering these items into Sort Your Story and storing them on your computer, portable drive and CD ROM, you can be sure that the information and images you’ve collected are maintained safely and securely for generations to come.


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