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Wisdom Wednesday – Share Your 1940 Census Wisdom

The 1940 census was released a month ago today. Have you located some of your family? Have you used Sort Your Story to organize and document this information? How did you enter the information? Simply the facts or did you elaborate and tell a story with the document information?

Do you use Sort Your Story to create family stories or books? What has your experience been?

Please share your experiences with us. We’d love to know how you are using Sort Your Story to document your family’s history!

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Wisdom Wednesday – Review Your Information

As the 1940 Census approaches, it seems like everyone is gearing up and counting down the days, hours, and minutes until the release. Are you counting down? Are you ready for the release? Have you taken some time recently to go back through your family’s information to make sure you are prepared?

Take an hour (or more) to go back through your documents and notes. Reviewing our research notes, plans, and records, from time to time, gives us a new perspective. We see facts with fresh eyes and often pick up on details we missed before or that didn’t seem to apply. How often have you gone back to an ancestor’s records and said to yourself, “wow I can’t believe I missed that detail when I first looked at this!” I think all of us have done that at some point.

You have about 18 days left to prepare. So what are you waiting for? Pull out those paper records, look at your digital records, examine your family tree and pull all that together in your Sort Your Story software. Let us know if you found something important you missed before in the comments below.


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