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Tuesday’s Tip – Backup Your Files Using Dropbox

Sort Your Story feels backing up your genealogy files is very important. One way you can do this is to backup to an external hard drive. This is a good way to ensure if your computer blows up, that there is another copy somewhere else.

Another way to backup your files is to use Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to create folders in which you can store files. You can share folders with others. You get a limited amount of space when you sign up for a free account but as you suggest to friends that they join, your space increases.

Sort Your Story uses Dropbox to share files between the consultants that work with Lorel. It is an easy way to share large files and discuss the next project.

Do you use Dropbox or another online storage service? Please tell us about it and share your experience.

And, don’t forget to backup your data when you are finished reading this post.


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Sort Your Story Backup Day

When was the last time you backed up your computer files? These could be music files, work files, photographs, or genealogy files. Have you done it recently? If not, consider backing your files up today and then join the Geneabloggers community the first day of every month which is Data Backup Day! If you subscribe to the Geneabloggers blog, you will be reminded the first of every month to do this important task.

Backing up your files ensures that in the event of a computer crash or virus, fire or flood, that you have another copy of your files. Creating two copies and keeping one off-site, meaning at someone else’s home or your safety deposit box, is also a good idea.

Not only can backing up your files create a safety net in case of an emergency, but it also allows you to go to a previous version of a file in the event you change something and did not intend to save the file that way. It is also a safety net in case you delete a file from your computer and cannot retrieve it because you already emptied your trash.

So remember to schedule a time daily, weekly, or monthly to backup your data. Once you begin to create all the Sort Your Story Profiles, you will not want to lose them.

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