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Wisdom Wednesday – Prepare for the 1940 Census

Are you preparing for the 1940 U.S. Federal Census release on April 2, 2012? The National Archives has a lot of information about the upcoming release that you should read.

After you read the National Archives information, start preparing your research for the release. How can you do that?

  • Purchase or use Sort Your Story to organize all of your pre-1940 census documents.
  • Create file folders for your main line ancestors.
  • Add census folders for all censuses you have located starting with 1930 and working backwards.
  • Make a note of all censuses you are missing.
  • Start locating those missing censuses.
  • Update your genealogy database with census information you locate.
  • Note the addresses where your ancestors lived in 1930.

By going through your research files to ensure you have as many pre-1940 censuses as possible, it will make locating your ancestors on the 1940 a little easier (prior to indexing).

Need help creating file folders based on your pedigree chart? View a previous post about this and watch the pedigree chart video.

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