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Saying Goodbye to 2012

It won’t be long now before 2012 comes to a close. It’s been a great year at Sort Your Story. We have reached out to more family historians who are now using our software to save their histories. We collaborated with Jennifer Holik at Generations and created Companion Guides for the Mac and Windows versions of our software. Then we joined forces when we sent a newsletter this fall. We are reaching out to schools and children with more intensity that last year.

2013 will bring many changes and we’ll be sharing more information on research tips and resources. We’d love to hear from you! Do you have a story to share regarding your family history or using Sort Your Story? Please share with us.

We wish you a fabulous 2013! Happy New Year!!!


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5 Ways to Save Your Stories

The holiday season is upon us! How did you spend your Thanksgiving? Were you with family? Did you record the stories shared?

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather together with family and friends, share stories and photographs, and make new family memories. Are you saving these memories and stories? Here are five ways to save your family’s stories and memories.

1. Use Sort Your Story to create profiles on your ancestors and living family members. Record the stories you hear within the profiles. Add photos and documents to enhance the stories.

2. Encourage children to become involved. Give them a disposable or digital camera and let them take lots of pictures of family gatherings.

3. Have a family writing activity. Give each person a sheet of scrapbook paper and a pen. Ask them to write a favorite family story.

4. Create a memory jar and fill it with slips of papers with discussion topics such as Christmases past; favorite ornament; family recipes; family traditions; and any other topics you wish. Pull a topic out of the jar and talk about it. Record the conversation with a video camera or digital recorder.

5. Start a holiday journal. Pass it around during the holiday season at family gatherings and ask people to write their favorite memories. You can add photos and other things to the journal if you wish. Then store the journal with your holiday decorations and bring it out next year.

These are just a few ways this holiday season to record your family memories. Do you have others to share?


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