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Are You Thinking About the Feelings?

I had a discussion recently with someone researching his family history. He was talking about a family member that died and the fact that the very next day, World War I was declared by the United States.  He wondered what the family feltat that time. Their son had just died and now the world was turned upside down by war. This also meant their surviving son might be called up for duty and in fact, he was.

When you enter your facts, documents, and pictures into Sort Your Story, are you also telling the stories that go with those individuals? Are you considering the feelings behind certain events? These feelings are what help us to bring our ancestors to life.

Our ancestors are more than just names, dates, and places. They lived a full life and dealt with similar things as we do today. Consider how they felt and write that part of their story too.


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Happy 4th of July from Sort Your Story!

Today is the 4th of July, Independence Day in the United States. How are you celebrating the day?

Did you have ancestors who fought for our independence during the Revolutionary War? Do you have other ancestors who served our country at any time since the Revolution? Are you honoring their memories today?

Sort Your Story has a military category where you can add military records, photographs, and stories about your military ancestors. Why not take a few minutes today and work on one of your military ancestor’s profiles. In just a few minutes you can add a lot of information about their life that will honor their commitment to our freedom.


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