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Follow Friday – Get Kids Writing!

Sort Your Story software is a great tool for kids to use when starting their family history. Why? Because it offers them the opportunity to focus on one ancestor at a time. They can create and complete one profile with all the records, photographs, and stories they have at their disposal. Focusing on one ancestor at a time benefits kids and their research and writing because…….

  • It allows them to accomplish a task and feel good about completing a project.
  • It allows them to see the gaps in their research.
  • It allows them to create a list of the records and details they need to find.
  • Focusing on one ancestor (or themselves) allows kids to write short stories or make comments about that individual which can be used later to write a longer, more detailed story.

Where is a good place for a child to begin in Sort Your Story? With themselves! Help your child sit and complete a profile on themselves. Within each record folder they add to their profile, encourage them to write a short story about themselves.

Need help with some ideas? We found a blog A Reel Cool Summer that offers 14 weeks of writing prompts for kids ages 5 and up, to write about their summer vacation. Use these prompts to get kids writing. They can use these pieces in their personal profile and the ideas to write about other ancestors. What do I mean by this? Have the child create a profile for themselves and then one for each parent. After they write their summer vacation prompts, you as the parent, should write also. The child can then compare and contrast their experiences with yours which will make the profiles and future stories even richer.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase and download Sort Your Story today if you have not already done so and start profiling and writing! Let us know what you think about the software and writing prompts. How did they help you and your child get started or continue your family history? We’d love to hear from you!

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Think Ethnically in Genealogy

The following is a press release originally released on January 4, 2013. Have you thought ethnically when doing your genealogical research? Do you seek out ethnic libraries and museums to help tell your ancestors’ stories? If you live in the Chicago area or have Chicago roots, a new resource is becoming available!

Casa Italia Chicago Creates Genealogy Department

Chicago, Illinois – January 4, 2013: Jennifer Holik of Generations collaborates with staff at Casa Italia Chicago to create a new genealogy department. The mission of the Genealogy Department is to collect, catalogue and preserve vital records, documents, published materials, artifacts, and stories pertaining to the family history of Italian Americans in Chicago.

This department’s dedicated and energetic team works in conjunction with the Roselli Library goal of building the most comprehensive archive of Chicago Italian Americana in the Midwest. Scholars, students, authors, and family historians can utilize these materials to research a number of fields including sociology, religious studies, demography, and immigration. Currently, our resources include archives, newspaper articles, religious histories, oral history transcripts, ancestral town information, videos of past genealogy programs, Fra Noi articles and newspapers, the Communes of Italy publications, and many other genealogical references.

The department will present programs throughout the year for adults and children. A monthly genealogy group will form offering research assistance and programs presented by local genealogical speakers.

Casa Italia Chicago is a non-profit organization in Stone Park, Illinois, where people meet to pursue common goals, preserve our past, celebrate our heritage and ensure passage of values to future generations. Casa Italia offers a children’s summer camp, Italian language classes, and cultural programs throughout the year.

For more information, follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, our blog, or contact Genealogy Department Manager, Jennifer Holik.

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