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Follow Friday – May 10, 2013

This Friday in honor of this month having both V-E Day and Memorial Day, we will focus on military ancestors. Here are some websites, articles, and blog posts we encourage you to read. If you have a story to tell about one of your military ancestors, please write and share it with your family and consider having it published in a genealogical society’s newsletter, blog, magazine, or quarterly journal. Talk to area museums and historical societies about donating written copies of your work for their archives. Through your stories, their lives will be remembered and honored.

Pritzker Military Library article in the Chicago Tribune

The Monuments Men Foundation

StoryCorps This organization helps everyone tell their stories, but if you are a veteran or know of a story, please have it preserved.

National Archives and Records Administration Veterans’ Service Records and Research section

What are some other military websites you find useful? Please share with us in the comments.

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