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Surname Saturday with Sort Your Story

April 2, 2012…….the day the 1940 Census is released……….where will you be?

With the 1940 Census soon arriving we should all take time to examine our surnames and information. How can you use Sort Your Story to prepare for the 1940 Census release? If you have not already done the following, start now so you are ready April 2!

  • Create surname folders for each surname in your tree
  • Create profiles for each person in your main line within the surname folders
  • Add all the censuses for each person in Sort Your Story up through 1930
  • Note the address where the person was living in 1930 and any addresses beyond to help with your 1940 search
  • Note any additional spellings of the surnames in your profiles so you do not forget in the excitement of the 1940 search

Want to know more about the 1940 Census? Visit the following sites.

National Archives 1940 Census Records

1940 Census.com

1940 Census Research Online

How are you using Sort Your Story to prepare for the 1940 Census release? Share in the comments.

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